Autos Fornells

Regular passenger service linking Fornells, Maó, Es Mercadal, Arenal d'en Castell, Arenal,Son Parc, Cala Tirant,Platges de Fornells and Es Grau
Bus company in Menorca, Autos Fornells
Concessionaire of the IB-08 regular passenger transport service in Menorca
Our certified quality system allows us to offer our customers services in remarkable conditions of reliability and safety
Regular transportation of "Autos Fornells" with hourly forecasts and schedules by town
Schedules of the regular transport line IB08 in Menorca
Regular line routes IB08, Maó, Fornells, Es Mercadal, Arenal d'en Castell, Son Parc, Cala Tirant, Favaritx
Route Fornells - Maó - Fornells
Route Fornells - Arenal Castell - Fornells
Route Fornells - Son Parc - Fornells
Route Fornells - Cala Tirant - Fornells
Route Fornells - Es Mercadal - Fornells
Route Maó - Arenal d'en Castell - Maó
Route Maó - Cala Tirant - Maó
Route Son Parc - Es Mercadal - Son Parc
Route Son Parc - Cala Tirant - Son Parc
Route Cala Tirant - Es Mercadal - Cala Tirant
Route Arenal d'en Castell - Cala Tirant - Arenal d'en Castell
Route Arenal d'en Castell - Es Mercadal - Arenal d'en Castell
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